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Figure 2

From: Careful adjustment of Epo non-viral gene therapy for β-thalassemic anaemia treatment

Figure 2

Hematocrit of β-thalassemic mice after repeated muscular electrotransfer of 1 μg and 1.5 μg of Epo-plasmid. Individual hematocrit kinetics of β-thalassemic mice electrotransfered with NaCl 150 mM solution for control group (2-A) or with 1 μg (2-B) and 1.5 μg (2-C) of Epo-plasmid for the other groups. Figure 2-D presents mean hematocrit of each group with standard error of the mean (SEM). Electrotransfer was performed at day 0, 34, 112 and 215 for the three groups. One additional electrotransfer was performed at day 77 for the 1 μg group. Arrows indicate electrotransfer applications.

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