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Figure 3

From: Treatment of adult MPSI mouse brains with IDUA-expressing mesenchymal stem cells decreases GAG deposition and improves exploratory behavior

Figure 3

PCR analysis of transduced MSCs and treated mice.

Genomic DNA isolated from MSCs from KO mice (A), brains from untreated KO mice (B), brains from wild-type mice (C), and brains from KO mice treated with MLV-IDUA-transduced MSCs (D) was used to analyze the IDUA and β-actin genes. The three molecular markers in the figures represent 300, 200 and 100 bp. N = PCR negative control; P = PCR positive control; I = IDUA; En = Endogenous β-actin; NT = non-transduced cells. The numbers on the figures indicate the number of each animal.

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