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Figure 7

From: A dual function fusion protein of Herpes simplex virus type 1 thymidine kinase and firefly luciferase for noninvasive in vivoimaging of gene therapy in malignant glioma

Figure 7

Ex vivo bioluminescence imaging and histological analysis of a large HSV-TK-Luc tagged U87MG glioma in a control mouse. (A) Bioluminescence image (exposure time 10 min) of the freshly explanted tumor after D-Luciferin injection in the mouse prior to sacrifice. The tumor was cut in the middle and placed with the cut side facing the CCD camera. One part of the tumor was obviously hemorrhagic while the other part looked vital. Photon emission displayed in pseudocolors precisely reflected the macroscopic findings. (B, a and b) HE staining of paraffin sections from the same tumor as seen in (A) vital tumor region (a); hemorrhagic and necrotic tumor area (b); (B, c and d) immunohistochemistry on corresponding sections using a polyclonal anti-Luc antibody; vital tumor area (c) and hemorrhagic and necrotic region (d) with only scarce positive staining. Original magnification × 400.

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