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Figure 3

From: Careful adjustment of Epo non-viral gene therapy for β-thalassemic anaemia treatment

Figure 3

Hemoglobin and MCHC evolutions after repeated muscular electrotransfer of 1 μg and 1.5 μg of Epo-plasmid. Hemoglobin (HGB) evolution (2-A) and MCHC evolution (2-B) in β-thalassemic mice electrotransfered with NaCl 150 mM solution for control group (solid diamond) or with 1 μg (solid sphere) and 1.5 μg (solid square) Epo-plasmid doses for the other groups. Electrotransfer was performed at day 0, 34, 112 and 215 for the three groups. One additional electrotransfer was performed at day 77 for the 1 μg group. Error bars show SEM. Arrows indicate electrotransfer applications.

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