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Figure 4

From: Characterization of a potent non-cytotoxic shRNA directed to the HIV-1 co-receptor CCR5

Figure 4

Target site specific inhibition using a chimeric EGFP-CCR5 siRNA target site (20 nt) fusion mRNA. 293T cells were co-transfected with CCR5 shRNA (1005) encoding lentiviral vector plasmid DNA and either EGFP-CCR5 siRNA target (EGFP CCR5 target) or EGFP-encoding lentiviral vector (EGFP) by calcium phosphate transfection. The cells were cultured for 2 days and the EGFP expression was measured by flow cytometry. The results are exhibited as forward scatter linear (FS lin) vs EGFP dot plots. The quadrant lines were defined by mock-transfected 293T cells (data not shown) and the percentage numbers are indicated. Mean fluorescent intensity (MFI) of transfected cells is indicated at the top of each panel.

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